Wednesday 27th September 2023
DSJ3 - Replays

Replays for DSJ 3 v1.1 or later

Download Slovenia HS281 - 325.28m.rpl The world's longest jump!
Download Slovenia HS281 - 323.48m.rpl The world's second longest jump!
Download Slovenia HS281 - 321.84m.rpl Another giant leap!
Download Slovenia HS281 - 321.41m.rpl Another huge jump!
Download Slovenia HS281 - 318.69m.rpl Another big leap!

How to View Replays

Download the replay file and save it to "<Personal Files>\Deluxe Ski Jump 3/Replays/" folder. Then launch DSJ3 and go to the replays menu to view it.

Send Us Your Replay

If you think that your replay is unique and interesting please send it to us as an e-mail attachment.

Write also a short description about it.