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DSJ3 - Downloads

Deluxe Ski Jump 3 v1.7.1
Release Date: 2013-02-13
Download Size: 3.9 MB
Platform: PC / Windows

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Launch the installer-file and follow the on-screen instructions.

What's new in DSJ3 v1.7.1

-Flickering ski jumper bug fixed on new Nvidia drivers

What's new in DSJ3 v1.7.0

-8 new hills!
-Updated start lights with 10 seconds of starting time
-Adjustable start light timing in DSJ3 Online
-Participation stats in DSJ3 Online
-Updated national flags
-Improved Windows Vista compatibility
-User files moved to personal files folder
-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.6.2

-A minor bug in DSJ3 Online fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.6.1

-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.6.0

-Exportable stats
-Equal winds to all players in DSJ3 Online
-Friends highlighted in DSJ3 Online
-Possibility to rejoin online tournaments
-Lobby chat
-Support for wide-screen monitors
-Updated competition rules for season 2007-2008
-New hill records lists
-Minor changes to the layout
-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.5.0

-Support for online gaming
-Better cheat prevention
-Medal statistics
-Improvements to look and feel
-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.4.0

-16 new hills
-Animated national flag on each hill
-Automated save game feature
-Improved graphics performance
-Cup statistics shown after loading a saved game
-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.3.1

-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.3.0

-Plastic covered summer hills
-Zoomable camera views
-New cup scoring mode
-German, Norwegian, Polish and Slovenian translations
-CPU player's jumps skippable in the midst of jump
-Improved graphics performance
-Remastered sound effects
-Reduced download size
-Updated distance line markings
-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.2.0

-HTTP-Proxy support for hill records transmission
-Downloadable personal hill records
-Adjustable saturation for ski suit colors
-Distance lines marked until HS-point
-Updated graphics for distance lines
-Replay files renameable outside of the game
-Minor corrections to world cup and team cup rules
-Minor bugs fixed

What's new in DSJ3 v1.1.0

-Skippable CPU player's jumps
-Save game feature
-Replay auto-saving
-Personal hill record line
-Improved take-off physics
-Updated local hill records menu
-Minor bugs fixed

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