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DSJ2 - Salt Lake Vallila Tournament 2002

DSJ Tournament Hall of Fame

1. Ari Kavonius 49.0 48.5 224.5 246.0 622.5
2. Petri Tuominen 53.0 52.0 216.5 233.5 612.4
3. H. Koikkalainen 51.5 45.5 218.5 223.0 588.3

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Tournament Photos

The awarded players
The awarded players: Ari Kavonius (1st) in the middle Petri Tuominen (2nd) on left, and Hannu Koikkalainen (3rd) on right

Ari Kavonius receiving the first prize
Ari Kavonius (left) receiving the first prize. Awards presented by Markku Salonen, Teijo Lahti and Jussi Koskela.

Teijo Lahti jumping
Teijo Lahti concentreting on his jump.

Hannu Koikkalainen
Hannu Koikkalainen on Belarus K220 Hill.

The Screen
The players wathching the competition on the Europe's biggest portable screen.

Jussi Koskela judging
Jussi Koskela working as a tournament judge.

Petri Tuominen celebrating
Petri Tuominen celebrating his last jump.

Photos: Teijo Lahti & Juki Hartikainen

Tournament Info

The First official Finnish DSJ Tournament was held on 10th of February 2002 in Salt Lake Vallila Arena, Helsinki.

The tournament was organized by Suomen Screenmedia and Mediamond Tmi.

In the tournament there were two randomly chosen hills: England K50 and Belarus K220.

Each player jumped twice on the both hills, and the total points were calculated.

The winner, Ari Kavonius, received a 168 euro voucher for Megasport -shop and the best 3 players received also gorgeous winners' trophies!