Wednesday 27th September 2023
DSJ2 - Replays

Download 300_82m.rpl NEW WORLD RECORD 300.82m!
Download 300_02m.rpl Old world record 300.02m
Download 299_58m.rpl Old world record 299.58m
Download rec-299m.rpl Old world record 299.03m
Download rec-298m.rpl Old world record 298.70m
Download theworst.rpl The worst jump ever (3.13m)
Download bel-126m.rpl Incredible jump in Belgium!
Download jpn-233m.rpl Don't try this at home!
Download svk-129m.rpl Huge jump in Slovakia!
Download can-204m.rpl 204m in Canada
Download ita-fall.rpl Flying too long...
Download ita-256m.rpl Almost a world record but...
Download ger-132m.rpl 132m in Germany
Download mistake.rpl Ouch! This really hurts.
Download strange.rpl Strange flying style?
Download miracle.rpl Didn't he forget something?
Download down_up.rpl Wow, how did he do that?
Download slo-283m.rpl 283.14m in Slovenia
Download blr-260m.rpl 260.67m in Belarus
Download mad.rpl You shouldn't be jumping like this...
Download pol-91m.rpl 91.15m in Poland
Download prybar.rpl He jumps like a pry bar :)
Download bel-121m.rpl 121.91m in Belgium
Download cze-149m.rpl 149.91m in Czech Republic
Download ger-135m.rpl 135.51m in Germany
Download ideal.rpl Ideal style
Download hun-226m.rpl 226.40m in Hungary
Download rus-228m.rpl 228.58m in Russia
Download sui-193m.rpl 193.08m in Switzerland
Download down_up2.rpl Incredible lift.

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