Wednesday 27th September 2023

Please check also these FAQs:
The General FAQ


Q: I have downloaded the file? How do I install the game?

A: is a zip-packed file which you must unpack with some unzipping program. After unpacking the file click dsj.exe to run the game.

Q: DSJ asks my sound cards settings. Where can I find them?

A: DSJ tries to autodetect the settings, but if it does not find them, you have to enter them manually. You can check the sound settings at your Windows Control Panel. If you are using Windows ME please select "no sounds".

Q: The sound effects are discontinuous. What's wrong?

A: You have probably chosen a wrong irq channel.

Q: The game runs too slowly on my machine. What should I do?

A: Deluxe Ski Jump requires atleast Pentium 166 or faster processor. You can try playing without sounds or run DSJ in real dos environment.


Q: I can't jump longer than 70 meters. Can you help me?

A: Please read the jumping instructions in read-eng.txt file. BTW: Did you notice that you have to press both mouse buttons when you take-off?

Q: My mouse doesn't work when I press both mouse buttons simultaneously down?

A: Some mouse drivers don't support this. You should install another DOS mouse driver.

Hill Records

Q: Why can't I find web-rec.dsj file in my dsj directory?

A: You have to be a registered player to send hill records.

Q: My brother has jumped some hill records on my registered version of DSJ. Is it possible to send hill records on his name (not mine).

A: If your brother wants to send hill records he has to have his own registered version of DSJ.

Q: How can I import my old hill records to DSJ2.1?

A: Please copy your old "dsj.his" file to your new DSJ directory.


Q: How can I register Deluxe Ski Jump?

A: Please read the instructions on the ordering page .

Q: The registration price for my country is not in the list. In what currency should I pay?

A: You can pay in one of the other currencies which I have listed in the ordering form.

Q: Can I send coins?

A: Coins are ok, too. For example from Norway you can send 50 NOK in paper money and 10 NOK in coins.

Q: Can I order DSJ via e-mail if I pay as a bank transfer.

A: Yes you can. You have to send me the ordering form and a copy of the bank transfer receipt as an e-mail attachment. Please check out that the attachment is no larger than 100 kb.

Q: How soon will I receive the registration key?

A: It depends on how fast the post office delivers your order to us. We send the registration keys immediately after receiving the order.

Q: And how about the updates?

A: Updates are free for registered players. Please save your registration key.


Q: I saw a screen shot in which the wind meter indicated 7.0 m/s head wind. How is that kind of wind possible in DSJ?

A: It is not possible. The screen shot must be a fake.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.