Thursday 18th April 2024
Jussi's First Real Ski Jumping Experience

On 5th of May 2005 Jussi Koskela, the developer of Deluxe Ski Jump games, made a visit to Herttoniemi ski jumping center in Helsinki to perform his first ever jump on a real ski jumping hill.

Jussi's aim was to make a successfull jump on the Herttoniemi K15 Hill in the footsteps of the two time olympic champion Toni Nieminen who holds the hill record of 17.0 meters for that hill.

Preparation After slipping into a nice looking ski jumping suit Jussi picked up a pair of skis for waxing and received the jumping instructions. Then it was time to do some training.

Training Jussi slided down the landing hill a couple of times to train his balance and to familiarize himself with the speed. It went all well, so Jussi was ready for the real thing...

Celebrating The first two jumps were mostly about just sliding down the inrun without doing the actual takeoff but on the third attempt Jussi put more effort into it and jumped mighty 10.0 meters! Jussi's hands touched the ground after the landing but it didn't bother him too much – now he knew a lot more about ski jumping. :)

See the video of Jussi's 3rd jump!
(Video size 2.2 MB)

Special thanks to Mario Fallast from Austria and to Helsinki Ski Jumpers for their kind help at Herttoniemi.


Jussi's jump in K15 hill!
(Video size 2.2 MB)