PRESS RELEASE 2004-10-31
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Contact: Jussi Koskela
Company: Mediamond Tmi

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Mediamond Releases Deluxe Ski Jump 3

Espoo, Finland 2004-10-31 -- Mediamond Tmi released today the third title in its popular Deluxe Ski Jump PC game series. Deluxe Ski Jump 3 brings the gamers even more realistic ski jumping experience than its predecessors. The main focus in the development was to model the aerodynamics of ski jumping as precisely as possible and to refine the playability to the maximum level. Also the graphics have been significantly improved.

Deluxe Ski Jump 3 comes with 16 unique hills in which multiple players can compete both in world cup and team cup events. Players can also compare their ski jumping skills by sending their hill records to the global ranking list. The ski jumper is controlled with a mouse in a way similar to Mediamond's earlier ski jumping games. The jump can now be viewed from as many as ten different camera angles.

"Tens of thousands of Deluxe Ski Jump fans took part in the testing of the development version of Deluxe Ski Jump 3. Comments and ideas were received even from real ski jumpers and ski jumping judges. Now - after three years of development - the outcome is such, that you can't get closer to the real ski jumping experience without actually climbing to a ski jumping hill", says Jussi Koskela, the developer of Deluxe Ski Jump 3 game.

The game is available on its official website at

About Mediamond Tmi

Mediamond Tmi is a Finnish software company specialized in producing captivating, high-quality shareware games. Mediamond was founded and is run by Jussi Koskela. Since the founding in March 2000, Mediamond has developed and released three titles in the much-acclaimed Deluxe Ski Jump series.

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