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Hill creator

Post by sneze2r »

I was wondering if there exists some Hill creator with interface that allows to tweak inrun&dhill parameters and render instantly Hill othogonal view from profile and up? Like this:


I don't know the rules of rendering Hill in Dsj4, but it would be a very helpfull tool since editing xml-> testing in dsj is quite time consuming...
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Re: Hill creator

Post by Xinitiao »

https://jonek2208.github.io/Open-Ski-Ju ... ditor.html
There's a tool like that with polish and english instructions in the webgl version of open ski jumping so you can try making a profile there and then fine-tune it in DSJ.
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Re: Hill creator

Post by EgyLynx »

Hynk... i look some custom hills and there seen k point= Hs point??
Actually... that not real? Even K5 it can´t be hs 5?? or k6 =hs 6??

Intresting at about <-80 talking more at size of hill at K, and 90-> it is Hs?
Is rules changed?
K is point where dist points=60, so usually, close 100 points at dsj?
...Selection in progress...
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