Idea to ,,fight piracy"

Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ4.
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QaZ Team
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Idea to ,,fight piracy"

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I have a suggest about the game. Namely could be try asking to add the game to some platform for example Steam.
There are more convenient payment methods there and some people could be buy game not pirate.
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Re: Idea to ,,fight piracy"

Post by Darien »

Yes , DSJ 4 on steam is my dream :)
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Re: Idea to ,,fight piracy"

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Re: Idea to ,,fight piracy"

Post by Lechoo »

Maybe one day we will see DSJ 4 on Steam ...

2020 is a crucial year for @Jussi. He:

- has enabled other people to make hills - after 6 years of "it's not possible" answers
- has published DSJ 2 on mobile phones - after many years being NOT interested in it

PayPal is not very popular way of payment in Poland. "Piracy" is a phenomenon that exists and will exist. But maybe FINALLY @Jussi understood that it's worth to enable other people to make their own hills, publish LEGENDARY DSJ 2 on other platforms and MAYBE enable other ways of payment (?) because it makes the game more popular = more money.
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