DSJ2 - unofficial update

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DSJ2 - unofficial update

Post by bart1e »

Do you enjoy playing great old DSJ2?
Have you been waiting for the update for many years?
Do you still play it despite it was released so long ago?
Would you like to see some new functionality added to it, so that it's even greater fun to play this game?

If you answered "yes" for at least one from the above questions, you will be probably interested to continue reading this post, since the great news are about to be announced!
Like some of you, I missed some features in the game and wanted them to be implemented. However, it seemed that the development of DSJ2 has ended so I couldn't expect to see this happening. Since the game is (and will likely remain) closed source, I've decided to analyse the executable and implement new functionality on my own.
While watching ski jumping in the TV, I get used to see the line indicating the distance that the current jumper has to achieve to be the first. DSJ2 already displays the required distance but it doesn't show such a line, so it's sometimes hard to say whether the current jumper has already flown over it or has to try a bit more.
What I have done, was to reverse enginner the game, so that I know precisely how every aspect of it was implemented and using that knowledge - cause the game to draw the line mentioned above.
I attatch some images to show you how it looks like:

I wanted to share it with you so that everyone can enjoy it. You can download it from here: gofile.io/?c=ZrGOM4. To make it work, you only need to replace the old executable with this one and launch the game.

Few notes:
1. This was tested on DOSBox0.74 only (though it should work on other environments as well).
2. The line is being displayed based on the calculations made by the game (i.e. the distance being displayed in the upper left corner before the jumper starts).
3. If the jumper has to jump 0m, the line will not be displayed.
4. Sometimes the jumper already has the advantage before his jump, for example he has the advantage of 34.6 points. The yellow line will not show the distance required to lose 34.6 points; in such a case, it will show the distance required to get 0 points.

Please keep in mind that it is an unofficial, fan made update. I get the permission from @Jussi Koskela to share it with you, but it's my own initiative. Jussi didn't participate in the implementation, so he cannot approve it and it will remain unofficial.

If this post gets enough attention (and Jussi agrees) I will consider implementing other features, like points addition / deduction depending on the wind conditions, for example. Hope you will enjoy it!

Best regards,
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Re: DSJ2 - unofficial update

Post by Tom2 »

Wow, now that's a really cool feature. Tested on few hills and seems to be working perfectly fine! Good job :D

I'm really looking forward to your newer updates ;)
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