Johan Remen Evensen Comeback?

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Johan Remen Evensen Comeback?

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It is two years and one month since Johan Remen Evensen was number 26 in Oberstdorf in his last World Cup .

Only one hour later he took the decision : The body had had enough and world record holder retired 26- year-old.

As NRK hop expert , he has seen Bjørn Einar Romøren ( 32 ) fight back from a long injury stay.

Romøren skipped his last World Cup in Planica 18 March 2012 - just one month after Evensen.

Now let moldenseren inspired by four years older Romøren , as Friday is back in the circus jumping in Harrachov .

- Yes , of course you are tempted to jump again . There is nothing I would rather really. Bjørn Einar has kept the body in the exercise, and it requires the effort . But I see that there is nothing that is impossible, and ( Anders ) Jacobsen also had good comeback. So I have not closed any door I , either, says Evensen.

- You have not shut the door ?

- I have not closed the door , no.

- Is there other ways to do it
Evensen explains that there is much that has changed in two years , and when he looks back on it, much could have been done differently .

- That was the sum total of it to be a ski jumper at the top level that was too tough for my body. But there are many ways to do it that would work better , and of course deadlines. But there is a review I 'll take home this season , and then we'll see if it gets any , he said.

- What other solutions work now that did not work two years ago ?

- There is , for example, to build the body a bit in terms of muscle, and that I may not participate in all of ski jumping , but focus more on skiflyging . There should be a separate skiflygingscup and so on. There are many possibilities, but I advertise whatsoever no comeback. There is much there yet, says Evensen.

Jumping guy had comeback thoughts in mind since the day he retired over two years ago.

Evensen says that he has made ​​an assessment of each season . Now will soon consider it again .

- I must make an assessment on whether I am willing to do the work required to be the best again, says Evensen.

- What weighs heaviest in the assessment?

- It is the family home. meetings Bjørn Einar Romøren before the race start in Harrachov . He thinks it 's nice that Evensen inspired by the comeback .

He believes Evensen has every opportunity to do the same .

- I do not have to give Evensen advice, but it's just to stand on. When you first decide anything, just run the race. But he knows exactly what it takes to reach the top. If he feels it is right to do is just make out to . When is it enough, says Romøren .

Hoping for rule changes
Ever since Evensen retired in 2012, he hoped for a rule change by the International Ski Federation ( FIS ) which may make the weight less significant .

It has not happened.

- Maybe it's what I 've been waiting most , says Evensen.

- What changes do?

- For example, they are too light will jump with shorter skis. Or that they raise BMI limit , or that they do something with the equipment that makes the weight does not play a big role , says Evensen.

Bjørn Einar Romøren jumped 176 meters and was ninth in qualifying Thursday.

This afternoon he is finally back on the big stage , having jumped in shape through both norgescup and kontinentalcup .

- To assert itself as well as he did in the accounts numbers Cup , is much harder than people think. And when you jump straight into the World Cup team , I think you have achieved more than what's really needed , says Evensen.

He is impressed - but not surprised - that Romøren has managed to keep up both the technique and equipment since the injury stay.

- Bjorn Einar is perhaps the one that has been the expert on the equipment side . He is constantly innovative and test out new things. Sometimes he may be too clever. It could be a pitfall as well, you try too much. But I have certainly not been worried that he is lagging behind in equipment , says Evensen.

- When it comes to technology , I'm not worried at all . He has trained as hard as rock and he gets paid for today, says Evensen.

28 -year-old keep still " pilot " Peter Prevc as a favorite, and he hopes Romøren can fight for a top ten position .

There will be another comeback could be an example .

- I hold the door open and I see that it is possible . He is four years older . I have many years left , says Evensen.
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