PRESS RELEASE 2011-01-02
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Contact: Jussi Koskela
Company: Mediamond Tmi

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Mediamond Releases Deluxe Ski Jump 4

Espoo, Finland 2012-01-02 -- Mediamond Tmi has released the fourth title in its popular Deluxe Ski Jump PC game series. In Deluxe Ski Jump 4 the players can now jump in real-world ski jumping hills with even more precisely modelled physics. The game comes with such legendary hills as Lahti, Planica and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Other major improvements include varying weather and lighting conditions, more detailed graphics, genuine ski jumping sound effects, freely movable cameras and possibility to watch other players' jumps from the hill records database. The game runs on Windows platform and is available on Mediamond's website at

About Mediamond Tmi

Mediamond Tmi is a Finnish software company specialized in producing captivating, high-quality, downloadable games. Mediamond was founded and is run by Jussi Koskela. Since its founding in March 2000, Mediamond has developed and released four titles in the much-acclaimed Deluxe Ski Jump series. Mediamond has sold Deluxe Ski Jump games to over 50 countries.

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