Hill HS 400

Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ3.
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Post by Severin »

...and the game turns to complete boredom...
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Post by Thomasat »

HS50/70, what's the point ?

I can't stand hills smaller than 120m, because then you would just jump, then land..
That's so boring.. Much better with hills that is HS400-500 etc..
It's the flying that is fun :D

I do really support the idea of HS400, even bigger..
Not smaller ones :(
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Bigger and Smaller hills

Post by Eirik »

I think its could be fun to add both bigger and smaller hills, then all gets what they want, and it would be fun with those little hills like k20 and bigger :D And i think that Jussi could add all way up to HS400 and all way down to k20 :P
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Post by sunset_rider »

To me small hills (k20) is a good idea, since they are realistic. I would also like to jump k400 hills. However, according to Iussis exam, they question is not if what hills we get, but if we get some new hills!
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Old style hills!

Post by Eirik »

What about old style hills? With a very steep landing slope and not so very high speed. that would be funny. But ofcourse still keep V-style. 8)

And I think it would be funny with those smaal hills like k50 and k60. But k30 and smaaler hills would just be too smaal. I also think it would be very cool with big flying hills like hs400 and bigger, if you make em try make hills were you fly straight over the ground all the time :)

And Jussi: Good luck!
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Post by JmoV »

I think there could be some kind of unlock feature. For example: If you fly over all HS-points in all hills, you'll get HS 400 hill or something like that. Or you'll get experience points by playing the game, and then "buy" hills to play them. What do you think? :wink:

EDIT: And I also support inside competitions, with no wind :)
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Post by doubleffect »

Why not add a hill creator. A simply tool defining:

- length of the run-up
- angle of the run-up
- height of the threshold
- K-point
- HS-point
- the way how a hill goes flat - the angle etc. (to determine how long the jumps can be, just look how far ski jumpers can jump in real life on hills with the same K-point, i.e. Planica K185 vs. Bad-Mittendorf K185).

Don't tell me that everyone would then jump on his or her hills and forget about the original hills from the game. I don't see why this would happen. The ranking for the original hills is present so such a tool like a hill creator would add more fun to the game. Then you guys could have HS40 as well as HS400.

Also, I suggestion to maybe DSJ 4. Instead of using only countries as hill names, maybe use cities and country in the brackets like this - Berchtesgaden (Austria). This idea came to my mind because some places are not realistic. A hill in Argentina, Australia, Portugal, and Spain? This is odd. There is no snow there. Snow in Spain and Portugal is very very rare.

Each real hill has its name so no one would sue Jussi for creating a hill named 'Oberstdorf (Germany)' if it had no other name. Besides a K-point and an HS-point may be different.

I like diversity of K-points of various hills but they are strange if they are not points of which length cannot be divided by 5. This is rare in original hills (I can think of one well-known hill in Lahti - K116). I like some hills from DSJ3 more and some less but I think there should be more hills like K = <110, 135>. There may be more hills like Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey.
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Post by EgyLynx »

In Lahti at 8 hills (stadion 3+karpalos 5 smaler... "hills")
Smalest at soo small at hs 6...

But hs 20 at even too small... at grafig at dsj3...
and ... 400 hs also too big.
Bjørn Andre
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Post by Bjørn Andre »

yeas.. very interesting.. a indoorhill most be the next.. with no wind
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Post by EgyLynx »

Well i begind think also...


why only ONE... but anyway... all jumps at same point... out of some...
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