RTL Ski Jumping 2007 World Cup patch?

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RTL Ski Jumping 2007 World Cup patch?

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Welcome everyone,

I open this topic, because I think about edit RTL Ski Jumping 2007. I want to change textures of banners, logos, start bibs, tecture wall on in-run. So, I try open one of files this game:

* balance.pak
* levels.pak
* packfile.pak
* sounds.pak

But, this isn't my good side. ;) I could only opened file levels.pak in Total Commander with plugins and in Sprite Explorer. We have any ideas? I can modifing this bitmapes, but at first I must open this PAK-files. :D

I hope, that we make great patch for RTL SJ 2007, like Mipoc and Simon to DSJ4!
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