Few ideas

Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ3.
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Few ideas

Post by Tonio94 »

I think that nice will be jumps in different weather conditions - fog, snow, rain and night competitions

I think that it should be more options of suit - not only body, sleeves but also front and back such in real skijumping

And each hill should be different - for example different inrun, one hill with tower, one natural. And also fans - tribunes

I also have an idea to could cancell 2nd round in DSJ3 and final results will be results of 1st round. Such in real skijumping.

That's my suggestions
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Post by EgyLynx »

Anyway... why not Inj to 3 events or just next round?
wery unreal if wery bad fall at one and just next it is a winner?

If take qualyining then firts race has 40, not 50...
and thats a one reason why i not take it...
...Selection in progress...
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