WR line - editable or alternative update method.

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WR line - editable or alternative update method.

Post by Thalamus »

Hi !

I would love to be able to turn off pr. example the WR line - or even better. Being able to edit it myself. Lets say I don't care about the WR itself - but, I do care about how my friends records are. I could by editing the WR line - set it to my friends PB instead - manually of course.

It would also resolve some of the annoyances people have with cheaters. They could themselves edit the WR to the "unofficial" records wich have been posted here several times before. Or - maybe even, make it possible to get the records off and alternative URL so that the community itself could approve the records instead of todays system.
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Post by BODI »

Nice solution to bypass the cheat recs :D :D :D
I would add this possibility in scoring aplication too :wink:
Get movin´ ;)
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