Whishes when playing DSJ3 offline with many players

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Whishes when playing DSJ3 offline with many players

Post by Ingar »

Hello. I have been playing this ultimate game for many years (ver 2 & 3), and I have got a lot of friend with me on playing this. Every time we have a boys-weekend, Deluxe Ski Jump is on the projector all weekend and 7-12 friends are enjoying the hills! Based on this experience I have some wishes for future versions (offline play):

1. "Next jumper" announcement after the actual jumper has landed or stopped
Why? We are playing with 6-8 mouses, and it can be some chaos-clicking. It would be nice to know whos next before we enter the blue status screen so that player can take control of the mouse/game.

2. Disable jumpers during a worldcup.
Why?: Some worldcups takes time, and sometimes a player i quit'ing i the middle of a worldcup for some reason. The remaining players have to fast-click through this player to move on. It would be nice to have a "disable this jumper" button so the jumper disappeared from the worldcup.

3. Option to set equal wind per jumper also in offline worldcups.

4. Option to turn off the red 'pass-this-line-to-take-the-lead' line
Why? In many situations this line can be a psychologic advantage for the actual jumper. It doesn't exist in real life, so it would be nice with a setting that disabled this line.

Well, this is my feedbacks so far. Keep up the very good work!

/Ingar Johansen
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Post by onkelsmerte »

Lan options :DDD
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Post by EgyLynx »

if all hawe same wind there arent lucky chanches... but anyway...
if you ask what is INTRESTING: if it is first event... it is only 40... jumpers!
anyway... you hawent that lot frends... (anyway you can make cpu jumpers...)

but i jump with about 250 cpu jumpers... ( urf who say i do it...?)
...Selection in progress...
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