More on Hills & Weather & Speeds

Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ3.
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More on Hills & Weather & Speeds

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I have two suggestions that could be added to another version of DSJ3.

1) There could be added more hill details like:
- the length of the run-up,
- the height of the threshold,
- the highest point of the hill.

Just things that are presented during TV transmissions. This shouldn't be a big problem, I think. It would nice to see this in hill details.

And one more thing - maybe show the actial

2) It will be countries if more hills will be added to DSJ3 (I think the game is very good and it only needs polishing, no reason to plan DSJ4 soon, a new number means major changes), so I suggest using countries where mountains are present and there's snow. Think of:

- Svalbard (I know it's Norway but some idea, maybe some normal hill - K90, HS102?)
- Greenland (Denmark but whatever! I imagine it from the very early times of DSJ3, K115 and some far HS-point like HS145, the angle of the area of where the landing zone goes to flat zone could let players jump that far because it's safe to land without falling)
- Tibet (maybe another mammoth hill? think of Tibetan Plateau, maybe something bigger than Slovenia, Croatia, and Iceland; HS300?)
- Faroe Islands (Something like K105 - K110),
- Aland Islands (I know it's a part of Finland but such places are some solution when it comes to calling the hills instead of tropical countries),

Just some ideas. My suggestions are rather not connected to places but to hills' profile (written in the brackets).

3) There was snow present in DSJ2. Could this be added to DSJ3? This adds some different atmosphere when it snows. And I'm not talking about adding just one type of snowing but a range of snow - let's take into account things like:

- how strong it snows,
- how winds affects snow.

Maybe even add rain! And how these things affect the run-up and the landing zone - a lot of snow - lower speed, different landing etc. But maybe these are some ideas for DS4 in the future. I suspect such changes would be impossible in DSJ

4) SPEEDS! Yes, they are unrealistic. When you normally see, jumpers get 95 km/h on big hills, it is strange when such a speed at the threshold. Don't you guys think it is strange you get 100 km/h on such a hill like Slovenia.

Some of the things I would like to be added/changed. Congratulations on your work, Jussi. This is the best ski jumping game to this date. I love watching Ski jumping and I love competing in your game. :)
DSJ3 Personal best: 314.0m (Slovenia)
DSJ4 Personal best: 196.5m (Planica) (what a great jump that was!...)
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