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The question is : Why not ? :)
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They shouldn't be red for sure, it wouldn't look realistic for sure.

Concerning the lines, I've got another idea.

There is a blue field on TV transmissions from some hills. I saw it a few years ago in Willingen. The field begins at the length needed to beat the leader and it ends at the longest length of a jump in a competition.

There are a few lines already. K-point, HS-point, hill record, personal best record. I agree that an addition of the lines mentioned in the first post is good. And I would also like to see that blue field. But we will run into a lot of lines then + this field. I suggest that a player should have an option of choosing which lines he wants to see (K-point, HS-point, and hill record are obviously not to be deleted, I mean other lines). This option could be just simply added to Options. Just a thought.
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