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Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ3.
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My suggestions

Post by zbigi922 »

Add the records line editor if you don't want to ban cheaters. We can download WR but everyone knows that these world records are fake. For example Jaluvka's Norway, the line is 146,68m and it would be nice edit this line to own value or create new. It might be helpful to beat real WR.

Another suggestion less important is add some statistics for example amount od jumps in each hill and the best notes.
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Re: My suggestions

Post by akkarbelling »

But how do you know what real wr is?
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Re: My suggestions

Post by he10th3r310 »

With slowmotion its possible to jump very close or even beat the lenghts.

And Matej Jeznik had over 130m in Sweden, over the current WR.

+ you can edit the WR line pretty easily, you just have to know how to do it. Ask me in PM if you want to know.
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