Free online gaming for DSJ3

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Free online gaming for DSJ3

Post by he10th3r310 »

Jussi, what about releasing DSJ3 online playing as a free feature to all?
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Re: Free online gaming for DSJ3

Post by Maciejo-96 »

Totally agree with Heikki. Of course I still haven't bought a key yet, but I'm going to do it soon :D

EDIT: officially, I won't buy a key. No sense and no time.
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Re: Free online gaming for DSJ3

Post by Szymon11 »

That'd be a nice attention's enchainment. If the online mode was free, DSJ3 would be really worth buying. The sell of the game would rise a bit, so it gives a little profit, having annulled online payment by the way... :wink:
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Re: Free online gaming for DSJ3

Post by Krzysztof Stuchlik »

Maybe free online but for example only for one month, then I think that after this period, many people will pay.
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