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Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ3.
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Visual suggestions

Post by EyTschej »

Today, two critical visual issues came to mind. Please, Jussi ... take the following in mind for DSJ4 :wink:

- NO trees or other obstacles blocking the view to the ramp (something like the trees in Denmark or especially Austria in DSJ3 are totally unrealistic - there are no trees near the ramp in real ski jumping!)

- NO white ramp - something like the ramp for Poland in DSJ3 ist okay in the summer with green background, but it's hard to tell where the ramp actually ends when you have white on white :shock:
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Martin Kafka
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Post by Martin Kafka »

Hmmm... I wouldn't mind, really. I think it's OK to have some challenging hills, too.
There are tricky hills in the real thing as well. The neverending inrun in Bischofshofen comes to mind, for example. Or the flat profile of Pragelato. I'm all for tough hills :-))
Jussi Koskela
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Post by Jussi Koskela »

There won't be any trees blocking the visibility but the color of the ramp might be sometimes less distinctive as there will be different lighting & snow conditions.
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