Must have Adds ! ( in my opinion )

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Must have Adds ! ( in my opinion )

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So here my list.

This are very small and easy things to implement.

Me and my friends always wanna have a realistic World Cup.

Okay add 50 Jumpers.... Wind is changing from 4.0 front to 4.0 back. and after 25 jumpers again.
This isnt really realistic!

1:)-> There has to be a Wind Corridor, or implement the new Rule with +Wind Points.
So all jumpers have 1.5-3.5 for example.
We always just jump with 10-20 Jumpers because Wind is changing too much.

2.)Next thing, there should be a possibility that you can choose how many of the top world cup Jumpers are fix qualified Top 5 or Top 10 or Top 15... and how many can qualify best 40 best 50 best 60 best 30 for the event.
So you can adjust this to the number of players in ur offline world cup.

With this it would be so much more fun.!


So you can
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