Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ3.
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Post by Mattsun »

I think, gates are a really good idea. (Sorry, my english is very bad, i'm Polish)
Bjørn Andre Monsen
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yes. it shoud be a solution in practice mode, there we can change gates
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Post by TPo »

In practice that would be good, since they dont count as records anyway and practicing landing huge jumps would be possible.
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Post by EyTschej »

Actually, I have quite a few good ideas for DSJ4 and gates is one of them. But I don't only want to give Jussi a list saying "add X, add Y", but I also got suggestions in my head how Jussi could implement these features. I just don't get around to actually put my suggestions down in words, but the "gate feature" is something that doesn't only make DSJ more realistic, but also more exciting ... if it's done the right way. Stay tuned :wink:
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