Wind stabilizer?

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Wind stabilizer?

Post by doubleffect »

Is there anyway we can get some tool for wind for DSJ3? I read that in online tournaments every player has the same wind. Why this doesn't apply to offline jumping? If it's possible to make something like that, then let the installer not overwrite personal hill records.
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Jussi Koskela
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Post by Jussi Koskela »

In online tournaments each player has only one chance to jump in certain wind conditions. In offline mode you could just wait for optimal wind conditions and then make million jumps. That would spoil some fun from the hill record hunt.
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Post by tomi10 »

But what about just possibilite.
Because we often play on one computer many players and wind direction and strenght is offen very diferent from first player to last player.
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Post by EgyLynx »

And some times is two hills before one good...
even 100 jumpers ..auts---
...Selection in progress...
Roman Fendt
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Thats real skijumping...
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