My acrobatics

Discussion about the hill records, jumping techniques and replays.
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My acrobatics

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Welcome! I would like to cordially invite you to look at my acrobatics of the game Deluxe Ski Jump third For now I put the two parts, tomorrow and after tomorrow there will be two more. Enjoy! Here are the links:

Part 1: ... re=related
Part 2:
DSJ3 TL: 7753.22m (#41), online: 7620.36m, peak: 1325 (#490)
DSJ4 TL: 3550.78m (#5), online: 3501.37m (#13), peak: 1942 (#5)

DSJ3 PB: 317.78m (#54)
DSJ4 PB: 242.88m (#2)
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Re: My acrobatics

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Wow! I have got replays with some dangerous crashes :)
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