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2 jumpers

Posted: 30 Sep 2008, 11:47
by heathcliffe dyba
Hey Jussi if possible could you please change my 2 jumpers. What happened is my computer crashed and I had to reinstall my computer from scratch and I thought I had to rebuy the game again because I lost it during the reinstall this is during the 1.5 days by the way. I didnt know that the registration key was mine permanantly. I still have an account that I cant acess because I do not have the registration key. If you could send me the key please and make that one heathcliffe dyba 2 because I want my current one to by my main just heathcliffe dyba and could you also change my name to capitals please on my current main one from heathcliffe dyba 2 to Heathcliffe Dyba. I would like to use my main current jumper for tournes and stuff and my old account as a training jumper. Thankyou very much I hope you can help me.