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Posted: 19 Jan 2011, 01:48
by EyTschej
I've just bought me an extra 3 months of DSJ online and it's not really expensive, so I didn't hesitate to pay the Finnish VAT of 23% ... or at least I thought it was the Finnish VAT. I took a closer look and noticed that it says that 23% is the VAT for Germany. This is strange because it's actually 19%. I then checked my bill from last year and it said 22%. The German VAT hasn't changed during all this time, it's always been 19%, so I'm just curious: What are these 23% really? I believe I once heard something about an EU fee for online purchases.

Posted: 19 Jan 2011, 03:22
by Jussi Koskela
It's the Finnish VAT which is applied to all my sales within EU. Last year it was raised from 22 to 23 percent.
Where is it saying that it's German VAT?

Posted: 19 Jan 2011, 11:36
by EyTschej
On the PayPal bill it says that this was the German VAT. Probably a mistake on the side of PayPal?

Well, my original guess that this is the Finnish VAT was correct after all :wink: