Sound problem when recording

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Dariusz Klimek
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Sound problem when recording

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Hi Jussi, i also spoted some sound bug.
When i record jumps(using build in android "screen recorder") on REDMI 9, everything goes fine untill landing then sound crash.
Best if You check it on YT -
When i record jumps using same build in android option on REDMI 6, sound always work normally.
On REDMI 9 it happends 100/100 when recording is on, if i just watch replay without recording sounds work fine.
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Re: Sound problem when recording

Post by rexkit »

Hi, I’ve been recording with audacity for a while now and have run into a problem. It won’t record when I press the record button all that happens is the red cursor is “stuck” and I’m not sure how to fix it. I went into settings and changed some things after reading others’ problems but even when I do that it still won’t work. I’m using a Rode NT4 with a Rode A1-1. Everything is plugged in properly but that cursor won’t move to record.

Please help :)
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