25 new custom hills added to DSJ4 Online / Hill record lists

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Re: 25 new custom hills added to DSJ4 Online / Hill record lists

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More hills
I searched and checked a bit still unapproved real and retro hills on dsj24.
In my opinion these should be also approved without or with small changes:


Banská Bystrica (SVK) HS 65 (need 1 or 2 gates more cause with strong front wind possible even 70m from gate 1)
Bischofsgrun (GER) HS 71 (little flicker to fix)
Brattleboro (GER) HS 117
Brotterode (GER) HS 117
Chaikovskiy (RUS) HS 102
Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA) K 92 (flicker to fix, maybe better default gate adjustment)
Iron Mountain (USA) HS 133
Lake Placid (USA) HS 134
Lauscha (GER) HS 102 (maybe default gate -1)
Oberwiesenthal (GER) HS 105
Orkdal (NOR) HS 55 (maybe default gate -1)
Oslo (NOR) HS 134 (still don't understand why it's not approved/ranked)
Prémanon (FRA) HS 90
Schonach (GER) HS 106 (maybe default gate -1)
Sochi (RUS) HS 106
Sochi (RUS) HS 140
Steamboat Srings (USA) HS 75 (flicker from F8 to fix)
Steamboat Springs (USA) HS 127
Whistler (CAN) HS 104
Ziri (SLO) HS 65 (maybe default gate -1)

Bichlbach K90 (more gates maybe)
Defendeld HS 98
Kraliky K 90 (maybe with small in-run improvement)
Thunder Bay K120 (K90 is approved and K120 is very similar)

Pls consider these hills with dsj24 team :)
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