New Vikersund Flying hill 2022!

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New Vikersund Flying hill 2022!

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Original Authors: Wojciech Adamczewski, Wojciech Schiller, Maciej Sylwestrzuk

Re-Editor: SwagZ707

Improved Hill profile

I've just predicted the posibility of an upgrade in the real flying hill, and I have found out that; It is possible to make the hill-profile deeper at HS, that means that if they dig a deeper outrun, this will probably be realized.

You should be able to jump over 260 meters! (If you're a good jumper ofc) My longest standing here, from gate 9, is 263m. Try to beat that guys and girls!

This is just copy of the Original Skiflying hill, so please don't Copyright this version!

I hope y'all like this hill prediction. And most importantly, Have One Guys!

Sincerely: SwagZ707
Here's the link:
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