Bad Mitterndorf HS200 (and other outdated hills)

Bugs in DSJ4.
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Bad Mitterndorf HS200 (and other outdated hills)

Post by Maciejo-96 »

This hill is a one huge bug. There are too long jumps, over 5 meters. Also there is a bit too big speed and filght trajectory. And, of course, it isn't actual - because it is from 2014 rebuilt and now has hill size on 235 meters.

PS. and also some other hills are unactual because of profile: Engelberg HS137 (now HS140), Oberstdorf HS213 (HS235), Planica HS215 (HS240), Sapporo HS134 (HS137), Zakopane HS134 (HS140). It doesn't matter that modifying them would create new hill records lists, but it is important to make this game much, much better than it is for over 4 years after releasing the latest hills. Also with changed take-off, flight and landing physics, it would create a very playable game. Of course the hill records lists from 1.0.0 should still exist on server and should be possible to still beat hill records there, if someone want to.
PS2. and some hills need upgrading their hill sizes: Garmisch-Partenkirchen HS140 (to HS142), Harrachov HS205 (to HS210), Lillehammer HS100 (to HS98), Lillehammer HS138 (to HS140), Val di Fiemme HS106 (to HS104), Val di Fiemme HS134 (to HS135). This game should be actual. ... eutral.pdf
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Re: Bad Mitterndorf HS200 (and other overdated hills)

Post by smolarkus »

Bad Mitterndorf is a greatest bug in dsj4 since version 1.0, and it was never fixed. We fly at this hill too far, and landing is too hard. In online game this hill no work, the best players are scared to landing and lose rating (+ cup points). If some hills should be updated, this hill is the first in the queue.

Updating of hill sizes is not time consuming, and we're waiting for repair this :)
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Re: Bad Mitterndorf HS200 (and other outdated hills)

Post by he10th3r310 »

Well this is a question Jussi should answer but would it be totally out of option to gather a team of skilled players of this community who could help with new updates? I am pretty sure there are people who know coding, scripting, visual editing etc. This is not a too complicated game anyway, but of course he needs to share the source code with some people then and maybe he sees it as a sort of risk for the job he has done alone during the years.

Also, if all these hills are updated one day, I think it would be fair for everyone to put the current hill record lists aside and create a totally new one.
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Re: Bad Mitterndorf HS200 (and other outdated hills)

Post by Rajmek1233 »

It's really improtant for improve mediamond community.
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