Changelog DSJ4 v1.6.3 -> DSJ4 v1.7.0

Official announcements about new features etc.
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.6.3 -> DSJ4 v1.7.0

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gtaman wrote:Is there any limit on size? Or can we make HS 5000 hills?
I think the max HS value is 1000, but that doesn't stop you from making hills where it is possible to jump much further. I've already made a hill where you can jump 2000+ meters, but jumping there is not very fun (it's a mess).
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.6.3 -> DSJ4 v1.7.0

Post by nevke »

I have a question. I bought original license , downloaded custom hills, and started World Cup with CPU Jumpers and it turned out that they cannot jump on Custom Hills , and their score is 0,00 metres. I only can jump by my own jumpers which I controll. It really dissapointed me and I don't know why it's happening.
Someone have any idea how to solve this problem or not?
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.6.3 -> DSJ4 v1.7.0

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the CPU jumpers doesnt work on this version.
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.6.3 -> DSJ4 v1.7.0

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I just created this account to thank Jussi and the Gorisek Bros. for their awesome work.
Yesterday I surfed to out of sheer boredom, not knowing what to expect. I hadn't visited the site for years. And what a surprise it was! This is soo awesome. It's a dream come true.

I've been playing the DSJ games since DSJ2 and even though I've never been really good at them, I've always loved them.

So, thank you.
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.6.3 -> DSJ4 v1.7.0

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Jusi, Gorisek bros
Many thanks for this update. you've done a great job. The new jumps are perfectly reproduced and it is a pleasure to play on them.
the update is fantastic and thank you so much.

I have a question if the creators are planning to create more hills and add them to the dsj24 website
I dream of a few jumps that I would like to see in dsj e.g.
Innsbruck hs 130
Trondheim hs 138
Nizny Tagil hs 134
Titisee Neustadt hs 142
Erzurum hs 140
Zhangjiakou hs 140

thank you in advance for your answer.
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