Non-English forums closed

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Re: Non-English forums closed

Post by Maciejo-96 »

I think you wouldn't get Polish subforum if there won't be active Polish moderation.
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Re: Non-English forums closed

Post by bulwa11 »

Very good decision, I can't say anything about other languages but the polish forum was a real mess which became impossible to moderate. People were treating it like a place to talk about anything, the more stupid the topic - the more popular it got. This became frustrating hence the lack of active mods. It probably wasn't very nice of me to just stop logging in but with the lack of updates and plans of updates the place started to fade away. There was no more DSJ topics, just useless quarrels and stuff like that. Keeping it just english is really good.
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Re: Something here is no yes...

Post by akkarbelling »

lucek24 wrote:Something here is no yes...
I can't read end write after englisch. Polish forum was my "heaven", where i could be activated, talk about DSJ and Ski Jumping and shine wisdom. English is my "achilles heel", what you can see here. Please, give us polish forum, that is activated and community is developed.
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