Changelog DSJ4 v1.5.0 -> DSJ4 v1.5.1

Official announcements about new features etc.
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Changelog DSJ4 v1.5.0 -> DSJ4 v1.5.1

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Bugs fixed
  • Failed to load Wisła HS134 hill on some computers based on the language code page that was in use
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.5.0 -> DSJ4 v1.5.1

Post by MikesCZ »

Hi Jussi

Are there still any known bugs yet to be fixed? I was in team cup-select teams- and I was switching control from CPU jumpers to me and it crashed saying "Unexpected internal error". I launched the game again and I got no errors this time, but like a week ago I got the same crash (I don't remember where I was in the game).
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