Changelog DSJ4 v1.4.4 -> DSJ4 v1.5.0

Official announcements about new features etc.
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Changelog DSJ4 v1.4.4 -> DSJ4 v1.5.0

Post by Jussi Koskela »

  • 5 new hills (Bischofshofen HS78, Klingenthal HS140, Park City HS100, Park City HS134, Wisła HS134)
  • Knockout competition mode for the online and offline game
  • Possibility to adjust all CPU ski jumpers' skills with a single slider (World Cup / Team Cup -> Settings -> CPU Skill Bias)
  • Bib numbers shown in the competition results
  • Slightly improved lighting model (bottom surfaces get darker)
  • Show CPU player's results faster if the delay is set to 0
  • Adjusted the length of distance lines in the plastic landing hill
  • Adjusted the brightness of judge tower in Bischofshofen HS140
  • Show the points immediately for a player who leaves the online game during a jump
Bugs fixed
  • Adjusted the drawing of landing hill lines to prevent graphical bugs
  • Fixed a bug in the rounding of "Need for lead" distance
  • Fixed a lighting bug in the plastic inrun of Bischofshofen HS140
  • Don't show "0.00 m" as the 2nd round jump length for players who didn't qualify for the 2nd round (exported online stats only)
  • Fixed a bug in the positions of ski jumpers who did not qualify for the 2nd round but had equal points with a ski jumper who qualified due to 95% crash rule (exported stats only)
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.4.4 -> DSJ4 v1.5.0

Post by Szymon11 »

One of the finest updates. Thanks. :D
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