Changelog DSJ4 v1.4.0 -> DSJ4 v1.4.1

Official announcements about new features etc.
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Jussi Koskela
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Changelog DSJ4 v1.4.0 -> DSJ4 v1.4.1

Post by Jussi Koskela »

  • CPU players available in the new hills
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash occasionally when loading Sapporo HS134
  • Fixed a bug in the rank of players who qualified by the length for the 2nd round in the offline world cup
  • Fixed a graphical bug in Sapporo HS134
  • Fixed graphical bugs in Villach HS98
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Re: Changelog DSJ4 v1.4.0 -> DSJ4 v1.4.1

Post by EgyLynx »

So if i hawe not p:s at Sapporo there aren´t need new version...
or i see that...
...Selection in progress...
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