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Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0
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Author:  Jussi Koskela [ 05 Jan 2012, 14:44 ]
Post subject:  Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

Here is a list of changes that I have made between DSJ4 Beta-2 and DSJ4 v1.0.0. The list is not fully comprehensive and may contain some errors as well as inaccuracies.


  • display the number of gate in the replay info
  • random suit colors
  • judges evaluate the optimal time of landing now better
  • more turbidity during the rain
  • impossible to land overlong jumps
  • save all PB replays automatically
  • may view PB replays at the personal hill records menu
  • may disable/enable different hill record lines
  • upload PB replays when submitting hill records
  • may browse global hill records lists of all hills
  • may browse personal hill records from other players
  • may play other players' replays directly at the global hill records menu
  • random twigs at the end of the landing hill
  • change start gate faster
  • show new PB even if a new LR was achieved at the same time
  • show new LR even if a new WR was achieved at the same time
  • support Unicode file names (drops support for Win98)
  • update replay/ski jumper/team/player listings if changes are made in Windows while the game is running
  • improved way to select hills for the world cup and the team cup
  • translations (Finnish/German/Norwegian/Polish/Slovenian)
  • load hill info faster
  • the sound of helicopter removed
  • new start gate graphics
  • start gate numbers
  • guard rails
  • multi-textured surfaces
  • additional twigs in the in-run
  • in-run twigs placed a bit irregularly
  • name of the hill on the landing hill and on the start gate banner
  • better looking kneeling/raising in the summer hills
  • modern bindings (rotates skis more optimally)
  • improved calculation of binding strength
  • wider tabs in the online menu
  • keyboard shortcuts (1-5) to control the replays
  • may hide the HUD (ctrl-h)
  • freely movable cameras
  • may save camera settings player wise (ctrl-f)
  • may restore camera settings (ctrl-d)
  • wider range of camera zoom available
  • more visible stars
  • more friction to the ski jumping suit (=rougher crashing)
  • number bib also in the back
  • reshaped shoes, face, helmet, goggles, neck, neckline, knees, buttocks, etc..
  • adjusted limb movements
  • more accurate (=shorter) transition curves in the in-run
  • more gradual hill profiles after the takeoff board
  • more accurate hill profiles between P and HS points
  • may adjust mouse sensitivity/cameras player wise in the practice mode
  • save player selection in the online game menu
  • save player selection in the practice settings menu
  • global and local hill records buttons in different order
  • adjusted the brightness of the lights in different lighting conditions
  • team cup stats "lengths" -> "1 2 3 4"
  • hill info available during the competition
  • F2 as default camera in replay mode
  • lower flight trajectories
  • updated flight position in intro
  • updated lighting in intro
  • show users national flag in intro
  • new HUD graphics
  • more efficient braking
  • judge towers located in the correct place (left/right side)
  • view/enter R,G,B/HEX values for the suit colors
  • improved replay control icons
  • show how the jump ranked in the current practice session
  • show the initial/"final" ranking in the HUD in online game
  • advanced in-run shapes for each hill
  • custom in-run/landing hill terrain profiles
  • cross beams in the hills
  • custom railings in the hills
  • waiting rooms on top of the in-runs
  • minor improvement in the 3d model of the judge tower
  • new hill textures
  • custom colors in plastic landing hills
  • adjusted aerodynamics
  • adjusted flight position
  • adjusted ski jumper movement on crash
  • reworked Beta-2 hills
  • 4 new hills

Bugs fixed

  • start gate missing in replay
  • wrong flag in replay
  • mouse sensitivities below 1 not supported in player accounts
  • mouse sensitivity deviating
  • houses overlapping
  • trees overlapping
  • spectators overlapping
  • unable to select certain start/end dates in wc/tc
  • bug when changing gate after timeout
  • anomalies in somersault physics
  • different snow conditions between players in online game
  • wrong scroll step in online game hill list
  • terrain visibility setting affects only practice mode
  • alpha channel bug in Mediamond logo in the skis and in the suit acceptance mark
  • legs shuddering occasionally during the landing / outrun
  • empty slots in combo boxes visible
  • graphical bug in precipitation in slow motion
  • problems with mouse sensitivity on lower frame rates
  • wrong aspect ratio in the cross in Swiss flag (stats)
  • minor graphical bug in dsj4 and Mediamond logos during the intro
  • last landing hill ad banner cut in the middle
  • wrong order of rendering for some partially transparent objects
  • some textures in the in-run upside-down

Author:  Ivelak [ 05 Jan 2012, 16:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0


Author:  Krzysztof Niechcial [ 05 Jan 2012, 17:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

"lower flight trajectories"
Jussi are you sure that you write changelog of DSJ4 ?

Author:  Jussi Koskela [ 05 Jan 2012, 18:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

I was referring mainly to the first part of the flight.
At least my flight trajectories are lower. :wink:

Author:  Martin Kafka [ 05 Jan 2012, 19:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

Impressive. Thanks.

Author:  Lukinho23 [ 05 Jan 2012, 22:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

:O wooooowwwww Reaspect ;D it's really long list :)

Author:  dawid11xx1 [ 06 Jan 2012, 15:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

When will the new Hills? :)

Author:  Krzysztof Niechcial [ 06 Jan 2012, 21:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

dawid11xx1 wrote:
When will the new Hills? :)

When it's done

Author:  myst3 [ 06 Jan 2012, 23:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

Landing System in Online Game to Correct !

Author:  tkomin1 [ 10 Jan 2012, 22:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

Since there is already a style of flight is whether it will be second choice?

Sorry. My english is bad

Author:  Risen [ 21 Jan 2012, 18:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

What about if before the new version there is change log available? We would be able to discuss what's missing but wanted, for example.

Author:  lukicabukica [ 21 Jan 2012, 21:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

I have two compliments about DSJ 4 v1.0.0/v1.0.1
1. The jumper goes to high in the flight phase.
2. Trees, trees.
Now why probably did that happen
1. The physics cant always be sooo perfect :D
2. The trees would probably add lag or something...

Now about the trees. Look at the picture below:


Than look at DSJ 4 Planica. You will notice much much more hills at Planica. BUT that would probably add lag.

Author:  bulwa11 [ 21 Jan 2012, 22:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

more trees - yes. You can always lower the number of them in settings if they lag or cover your view :)

Author:  Bartek Palewicz [ 22 Jan 2012, 01:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

YYYYYEES! I was writing about it for months! TREES ARE NEEDED! IMO, now Planica in DSJ 4 looks very bad...

Author:  helGn [ 23 Jan 2012, 03:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Changelog DSJ4 Beta2 -> DSJ4 v1.0.0

you really want trees? thats the thing you'd like first? not AI and more hills but trees? no disrispect or anything but imo trees should be further down the list of things that should be made :)

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