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I lost my key

Posted: 02 Jun 2021, 17:20
by Blobik
I lost my dsj4 key after asking Jussi
to change my name and surname in the key I used
Jussi wrote back after 2 days saying that he sent the key to the e-mail that was given when buying the game. The problem with this e-mail is that I do not have access to it and when I try to respond to it, I get a message that such e-mail does not exist. Currently I am playing on my key with the old name, but it works as if it was a pirate key. If anyone knows what I can do in this situation, please write.

Re: I lost my key

Posted: 05 Jun 2021, 20:13
by Jussi Koskela
Please email me your purchase details (postal address, date of purchase, last 4 numbers from your registration key).