Transfer of DSJ 3 and 4

Questions about registration and online subscriptions.
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Transfer of DSJ 3 and 4

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I have bought full DSJ3 and DSJ4 full versions, both for the name "Adrian Napieralski".
My laptop computer crashed recently and I wanted to install both games on my desktop computer.
Unfortunately, in both cases the games refuse registration, saying that the Username or Key are incorrect.
Is there any possibility to verify that and unlock my accounts?
Of course in case of doubts, I could send my keys by e-mail if necessary.

Thank you!
Jussi Koskela
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Re: Transfer of DSJ 3 and 4

Post by Jussi Koskela »

There's no technical limitation on reinstalling the game, so this error should not occur. Please check your spelling once more and try reinstalling the games again.
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