Subfolders support in Custom Hills

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Subfolders support in Custom Hills

Post by fordern »

after getting almost 200 hills, it became a bit difficult to use them - they're not sorted in any way (alphabetical order is not any kind of order, it's rather a mess), so I've ordered this hills by adding an additional letter at the beginning of the hill name, to sort them in a suitable manner. Downloaded .xml files are now named like "A Oberstdorf-HS137-GER.xml", and that additional letter is helping me with sorting them into different categories:
A - real hills, used in World Cup or major tournaments. Basically the hills I'd like to get access quickly.
B - real hills, but less likely to be used.
DSJ2, DSJ3 - pretty much self-explanatory.
F - fictional, the main reason of such a mess
H - historic, for example - Vikersund 2009.

That's still not solving the problem, so I've came up with an idea - why can't DSJ support creating subdirectories, and allow user to access hills from a different folders in the game? Hills created by Jussi could be contained in a folder "Official Hills", available always on top of the list. Then user could create it's own folders to store them any way he like - whether he'd like to sort them by the city (Planica have multiple hills available, so it could be useful here), or by hill size (Large, normal, flying - any way you like), or my way - one folder for real hills, other for DSJ2-DSJ3 hills, and so on.

With that support, we're not forcing any sorting method on user, he can maintain them any way he like. If he wants to keep his hills the way they're now, he can just leave them as it is.

I'm not entirely sure if I'd explained this idea enough, but it's not that complicated and I don't think it could cause any troubles in implementing such a solution either. :wink:
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Re: Subfolders support in Custom Hills

Post by sneze2r »

I've thought the same. That would be probably the simplest solution to organize all the hills. Great thing in game interface would be a filter check boxes(maybe named like folder names) for showing hills that belongs to selected checkbox(maybe including ./)

Even hardcoded folders names would be good(to avoid some problems in implementation .
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Re: Subfolders support in Custom Hills

Post by EgyLynx »

Well... all wasn´t same logic...
...Selection in progress...
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Re: Subfolders support in Custom Hills

Post by SangreSani »

OMG yes! Hill categories should be a thing.
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