See amount of players on other servers while playing

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See amount of players on other servers while playing

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Sorry if this is mentioned already somewhere. How about some small display where you can see how many players are playing on other servers? No need for fancy options like go to that server from this display, but just a text info saying:

Warm up - 0/200
Ski Flying - 4/200
World cup snow - 9/200
and so on.....

My 'problem' is that when I join the game and start jumping on some server, I don't know if maybe other people are joining second one. If I knew that, I would join them because more players = more fun.

Example from just now: I played World cup snow with about 5-10 players and when I decided to stop playing, I noticed in the lobby that "World Cup" server has 38 players....I would totally join them much earlier if I knew...

Thanks for consideration :)
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