Ideas for online game

Ideas and suggestions for improving DSJ4.
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Ideas for online game

Post by Maciejo-96 »

After discussion with some top players (Bartek Winczaszek, Mariusz Soboń, Mariusz Paweł, Tomasz Karciarz), I decided to put all our ideas to online game here.

Records on these list would be set only on official tournaments. Displaying system in-game and on site will be shown in that way, when instead of showing one random list (actually offline), it could be a possibility to choose desirable list, in that order:

Team Cups last the longest of all 24-hill tournaments, which is dictated by these 15 seconds of waiting between every round. Shortening by 5 seconds will allow to equalize the time with National Cups, which usually last a few minutes shorter than WOTs, in which four competitions are executed in KO system.

The most optimal idea would be to create a clans, i.e. teams that agree with each other and want to fight together on their account. It is an idea whose implementation would increase the level and prestige of competition in Team Cups, which are probably treated by their current formula somewhat neglected, and some groups of players disliked that, even by the fact that almost every time Team Cups are dominated by teams from Polish (usually in the POL1, POL2, POL3 layout). The mixed team (MIX) was on the podium for the last time on April 16th. taking 3rd place, while the last win by mixed team was on February 27 this year. In addition, the presence of national teams other than Poland is too rare. The last example is May 14th this year, participation of the Austrian team.

You could, however, set requirements for creating a clan. My suggestion is that to register your clan, you must register that with 4 players at least, of course with their permission. This number can of course be higher, with the option of creating two or sometimes even three teams from your clan.
Mixed teams would include players who don't belong to the clan team or don't belong to any clan.

With the current formula, the competition of nationalities (unfortunately it is boring, because it is usually the competition Poland vs Rest of World) matchmaking to teams should be seriously modified. The current system is based on selection based on the results of the qualification round, due to which sometimes such anomalies can happen, f.e. as placing a player with a rating below 1000 in POL2, sometimes even in POL1, after which the player in competition jumping achieves one of the worse results individually and contributes significantly to the further position of his team. That is why I suggest forming teams based on a rating. Each method has its better and worse sides. Let the starting point be a situation in which there are 32 players from one clan at Team Cup. I also suggest a situation in which ratings are updated on a regular basis after each competition. Starting list layout would be: higher rating - higher starting position.
  • Quartered method
    There is a division splitted into four groups of 8 players and each group is generated based on ratings list, while maintaining the existing numbers. It would look like this: POL1 (1,9,17,25), POL2 (2,10,18,26), POL3 (3,11,19,27), etc.
  • Half-end method (because I don't know how to call it differently)
    This works in a similar way as above. The table is splitted in half, and in each half the lowest ranked player is ranked lowest classified from this table. Then select teams based on the pairs that formed. The player's team ranked highest in the first half
    gets the pair with the highest ranked player in the second half. It would look like this: POL1 (1,16,17,32) POL2 (2,15,18,31), POL3 (3,14,19,30), etc.
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Re: Ideas for online game

Post by SoBo »

I agree in 100% witch Maciej, we would like know opinion players, and Jussi if you can give us an answer could you do that for yours Commiunity :) :wink:
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Mariusz Paweł
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Re: Ideas for online game

Post by Mariusz Paweł »

Yes, we would love to see your opinion about that things, we've spend a lot of time creating these points and I am asking you Jussi to take this seriously.

Mariusz Paweł
Jussi Koskela
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Re: Ideas for online game

Post by Jussi Koskela »

I reduced the waiting times in team cup to 10 seconds.
Implementing the other ideas would require too much time at this point.
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Re: Ideas for online game

Post by Spot »

Jussi Koskela wrote:I reduced the waiting times in team cup to 10 seconds.
Implementing the other ideas would require too much time at this point.
Thank You for that. But I do not understand what complicated to enter tournament records immediately?
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Re: Ideas for online game

Post by Tom2 »

These ideas are really great. Jussi, absolutely no need to hurry - we would love to see these ideas implemented by November/December 2020, for instance, where the winter season starts. For now, I also believe tournament records are absolutely easiest to implement - would love to see that happen a bit earlier though :)

And here is an even easier idea, that I've seen just recently: how about taking off National Cups, since only Poles play that and give instead two new servers online for all people - Small Hills (HS78 to HS106) and Big Hills (all current big hills - HS127 to HS145), something like in DSJ3? What do you think, guys? Would you like to give it a try on such servers? :wink:
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