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Would you jump if Jussi introduced it?
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PostPosted: 06 Apr 2015, 21:48 

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As in subject. Is it possible to introduce higher likelihood for good wind in online during the summer (till October) to make players willing to jump in this period?

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Total length online: 3500.20 m
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Former offline world record holder in Oberstdorf! First jumper who broke the unbelievable length of 230 meters!

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PostPosted: 06 Apr 2015, 23:17 

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I'm not against your proposition but not completely supportive of it either. I'd prefer something like a record hunting event perhaps every month or so (basically just a WOT with guaranteed good wind, maybe 2x all hills). That would be more fun than people using the warm-up room for record hunting sparesly spread out around the clock/calendar.

One of the points with online records (in my opinion) was that it was supposed to be "more fair" than offline because it was to create a more level playing field. I think it has failed in that respect, as it is quite clear that most of the records have been achieved systematically through record hunting (which is anything but a level field, because online record hunting is so tedious that only hardcore hunters will feel like they afford to do it). In order to make online records "fair" and accurate, hunting should be made either (a) trivially easy (not dependent on luck or wind searching time,) or (b) completely impossible even for the most determined hunters (e.g. online records valid in tournaments only, as I would have prefered). Your proposition would bring us closer to (a). It would probablly make things more fun at least for a while. It is also possible that the number of online players would slightly increase, perhaps even permanently.

But the possibility to have better winds all the time could make record hunting so easy that everybody's records would be maxed out very soon and after that records would be boring. That's why I prefer (b), in addition to the fact that it is a more "realistic" representation of how official hill records work in real life. Also, record hunting shifts the focus of the online game from optimizing average performance to optimizing maximum performance, which just makes casual playing less fun, especially for non-hunters who just want to jump in a social environment.

So, ideally, I wouldn't want people to actively record hunt in the online game at all. Of course, if improving the average wind stops people from switching between different game rooms and/or jumping 0m every time the wind is bad, it might be good, as it is really annoying to play against people who do that (to me it is always disappointig to see that some people care more about getting records than they care about playing with other people...).

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