My secound 300m on K240 AUS :)

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Dariusz Klimek
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My secound 300m on K240 AUS :)

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Secound 300m in life :) :
300.22m ... 9p&index=2
From what i know, owner of WR in K240 Remigiusz "Remas" Górniak also jump 2 times 300m+ but he's secound jump on 300.05 was not landed.
So propably im first ever who with 2 jumps 300m+ without fall / without using wind editor :)

My 10 longest jumps without wind editor:
300.53m ... 9p&index=1
300.22m ... 9p&index=2
299.77m ... 9p&index=3
299.68m ... 9p&index=4
299.41m ... 9p&index=5
299.40m ... 9p&index=6
299.29m ... 9p&index=7
299.22m ... 9p&index=8
299.20m ... 9p&index=9
299.01m ... p&index=10

My longest jump landed using wind editor :
341.72m ... Ev&index=3

If You like long jumps from DSJ 2 on PC or MOBILE version chceck my YT channel : ... Cd34DAruhw
In DSJ 2 tournaments was jumping as a Chicken RAPisT from summer 2002 till +- begining of 2004 year.
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