DSJ2 records list

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DSJ2 records list

Post by Schlieri89 »

Now becouse DSJ2 is free anyway, is it possible to create code for free so that people could send their records to lists? Or do you still require buying it in this case?

Thanks for answer
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Re: DSJ2 records list

Post by he10th3r310 »

Yep... I would also like to put my records on list. But I can also buy it if necessary.
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Re: DSJ2 records list

Post by skiflyer11 »

maybe a key generator where you can put your name in a field
and the generator gives you your key :)

That's gotta hurt (sorry Zmaster for that fake ;))
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Re: DSJ2 records list

Post by Kielczanin »

I have good results in DSJ 2.1. I would like to be added to the list. I play the free version of DSJ 2.1, as Jussi made ​​this game for free to celebrate the 10th birthday of DSJ. Do I have to now buy the original version specifically to add my results to the list of records in my country?
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Re: DSJ2 records list

Post by SuperAdo111 »

Ye Jussi,maybe free key generator or something,for DSJ2 :)
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Re: DSJ2 records list

Post by TPo »

SuperAdo111 wrote:Ye Jussi,maybe free key generator or something,for DSJ2 :)
The record list was closed ages ago because of cheating, not even registered players can send their records in.
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Re: DSJ2 records list

Post by EgyLynx »

...Selection in progress...
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