Records list with replays (World records too :)

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Records list with replays (World records too :)

Post by Domin »

As you know the records from DSJ2 in Mediamond list are not full. You can put here your records list with replays (on some servers or in one file (zip or rar)

My replays:Download patch: (it must be in folder with game)
:arrow: If you want to see replays jumped with patch, firstly you must set patch.exe, and it' s working until you again set patch.exe to see normal replays)
Download my replays:
:arrow: FIN 119.10 WR :!:
:arrow: SUI 210.32
:arrow: CZE 157.66
:arrow: BLR 270.25
:arrow: AUT 84.39
:arrow: USA 169.24
:arrow: LAT 193.63
:arrow: POL 94.48 WR :!:
:arrow: JPN 238.06
:arrow: BEL 126.11
:arrow: ISL 216.13 PolRec
:arrow: ENG 61.13
:arrow: GER 136.34
:arrow: [urlx[/url] EST 186.28
:arrow: NOR 104.99
:arrow: x/url] AUS 299.16 :arrow: [url]http:// ... 070dom.rpl IRL 140.70
:arrow: UKR 73.68
:arrow: HUN 229.65 That replay you must watch normally- without patch.
:arrow: SWE 166.92
:arrow: ITA 256.58
:arrow: DEN 95.72
:arrow: x SVK 132.81
:arrow: xl CAN 208.65
:arrow: xl LIT 168.43
:arrow: x KZK 106.92
:arrow: CHI 246.07
:arrow: FRA 179.66
:arrow: x NED 126.02
:arrow: RUS 230.14
:arrow: KOR 177.15
:arrow: SLO 288.32

I wish you nice watching ;)

Dominik "Domin" Machowiak :D
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Post by Ats »

Holy s* i say :D
Good job
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Post by Domin »

I see noone is interested in DSJ2 :?
Life :wink:
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Post by Vladimir »

I think DSJ2 (not DSJ 3) is GREAT GAME, and many peoples are interested in it...
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Re: Records list with replays (World records too :)

Post by ulakbula »

True dat - DSJ2 for President!

Go out - it's sunny...
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