General discussion about DSJ4.
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Following statement concerns everyone in this forum. Apply to it for our common interest, pleasure and time.

1) Before you make a new thread, use the search engine and make sure that there aren't any other topics about what you want to write. Eventually you can take one from the list.
  • Unless it is a major change that needs discussion, if you want to suggest anything that may be included in next releases of the game, go here.
  • If you want to submit a bug or issue with the game, go here.
  • If you want to post a replay with your record jump, post here.
  • If you're new and you want to ask for basic help or share your feelings about the game, go here.
2) Don't ask about release date of next versions of the game. It's developed by one person who can't exactly expect when he finish his job.
3) Don't beg for more hills. New hills are possible once mediamond gets the persmission to build them from the owners of the hill
4) Don't talk about windhack or cheating in general, because no one in right interest is giving a damn about it.
5) Don't suggest career mode and hill editor. They were already considered many times with negative effect.
6) Don't abuse Jussi's name. It won't make your statement more attractive.
7) Be polite towards others. Do not name and shame anyone.

A jeżeli jesteś Polakiem i nie rozumiesz czegoś, bądź nie wiesz jak napisać swoją wypowiedź, zapytaj o pomoc tutaj!

In the name of Jussi Koskela, thanks for joining official DSJ forum.
We hope that everyone will spend here nice and quality time.
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this should be made sticky ;)
I started to write this kind of thread a few days back but never finished :) its a good thing you wrote it :)
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ok :lol:
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Good job 8)
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Well done.
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Oh well, some people doesn't even reading this post..
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time to block some polish guys i think.....
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you totaly rigth
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lol, ín my opinion, we have a forum to dicuss things like that. you are right about the point, that there are many topics with the same caption. i think questions about release dates for new versions are normal to ask and discuss in a forum.
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