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Be that as it may. I think that we can assume that Jussi will only be able to release a fistful hills in Version 1.0 and add some new hills every year.

So, the question is, which hills are of most interest here. (A poll might be a good idea.)

And concerning the names: There's nothing illegal about using such names as Oberstdorf or Willingen (which I would love to see!!) like he did with Lathi. Those are just city names, no brandmark or so...

@Jussi: Please include Willingen. :D
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EgyLynx wrote:Wisla?
Wistula :)
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mlody5 wrote:
EgyLynx wrote:Wisla?
Wistula :)
Vistula, spelling it right. But shouldn't the name be in Polish language anyway?
Nie popieram małyszomanii, a tym bardziej żadnej stochomanii.
Albo kibicujesz wszystkim skoczkom, albo rodakom, albo ssiesz ;)
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sunset_rider is right!

Jussi can make a HS215 K185 hill and name it Planica as long as it isnt named "Letalnica Bratov Gorišek" (which is too long anyway, and most people wouldnt even recodgnize it untill they would look at HS)
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Jussi please Ironwood K145 HS160 in USA
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Why License ?? jussi takes the name of the city and not hill name ! example lilehammer-Lysgaardsbakken

how many times has it all to repeat?

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