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Jussi see here

Posted: 03 Feb 2011, 14:52
by gg77
I'm of Polish. We here in Poland, we love the DSJ. Jussi tell us when we can expect the full version DSJ 4. Is this the year? How can you tell me how to go work on the game?

Sorry for my english :lol: :lol:

Posted: 03 Feb 2011, 15:06
by Daniel84
When it's done! Oh common, you Polish guys are kind of annoying, starting new threads with the same recurrent questions, just let Jussi do his work, I think he will tell us when there is a fixed deadline.

Posted: 03 Feb 2011, 17:03
by pepsiman89
seriously, theres been so many topics asking when the beta II or full version is gonna be realeased, it hasnt even been 2 weeks since beta I was released so just be patient -.-